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A book that explores the problematic connection between education policy and practice while pointing in the direction of a fruitful relationship, Inside the Black Box of Classroom Practice is a provocative culminating statement from one of Americas most insightful education scholars and leaders.Inside the Black Box of Classroom Practice takes as its starting point a strikingly blunt question With so many major structural changes in U.S public schools over the past century, why have classroom practices been largely stable, with a modest blending of new and old teaching practices, leaving contemporary classroom lessons familiar to earlier generations of school goers It is a question that ought to be of paramount interest to all who are interested in school reform in the United States It is also a question that comes naturally to Larry Cuban, whose much admired books have focused on various aspects of school reformtheir promises, wrong turns, partial successes, and troubling failures In this book, he returns to this territory, but trains his focus on the still baffling fact that policy reformsno matter how ambitious or determinedhave generally had little effect on classroom conduct and practice Cuban explores this problem from a variety of angles Several chapters look at how teachers, in responding to major policy initiatives, persistently adopt changes and alter particular routine practices while leaving dominant ways of teaching largely undisturbed Other chapters contrast recent changes in clinical medical practice with those in classroom teaching, comparing the practical effects of varying medical and education policies The books concluding chapter distills important insights from these various explorations, taking us inside the black box of the books title those workings that have repeatedly transformed dramatic policy initiatives into familiarand largely unchangedclassroom practices....

Title : Inside the Black Box of Classroom Practice: Change Without Reform in American Education
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ISBN : 1612505562
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Publisher : Harvard Education Press March 1, 2013
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Inside the Black Box of Classroom Practice: Change Without Reform in American Education Reviews

  • Clifton B. Chadwick
    2019-05-06 04:22

    This is probably the best education policy/reform book I have read in a long time. I teach policy at the graduate level and will adopt this book as the main text.

  • William Chen
    2019-05-08 23:09

    Larry Cuban, a former teacher, administrator, and professor, is easily one of my favorite authors when it comes to education reform. Few authors offer a realistic and balanced perspective on education reform as he does. This book is interesting because it goes from a detailed case study to high-level analysis of education policy and reform. The case study of the Los Montanas demonstrates how difficult it is to implement changes in the classroom.

  • The Davester
    2019-05-20 03:25

    A must read! Cubans points on healthcare and the modernization of the classroom are insightful. His points also show us that there is much more than we may understand superficially of what we see as education. Solely because we have been in school for a decade or two -- at least pre-k through usually twelfth -- does not mean we have a valuable opinion on how a classroom should be run. A fantastic read that brings about many points that we (as 'experts' in education because we have spent so much time in the classroom) may miss when evaluating schooling.

  • R. S. Pfeifer
    2019-04-25 03:13

    Larry hones in on the why and how of reform and the definitive explanation of why so many promises are unfulfilled. I particularly loved the last chapter. He is one of the most thoughtful writers in the education field. This book is at the top of my list

  • Sue R.
    2019-05-08 03:29

    Looks good at first skim -- will read it more deeply this summer when my teaching is done. I've always admired his work.